Possible Interview Questions

1. You have a daily e-list of 13,000 subscribers and have the largest catholic e-card site in the world with 30,000 - 50,000 e-cards sent out during regular months and over 100,000 a month during major holidays how did you get started with this?

2. Your first book, was completely self-published and yet was five months as a Catholic Best seller did this surprise you?

3. What is the reaction from your other sisters with your public outreach?

4. What kind of difference do you think you are making?

5. Do you think this is good work for a cloistered nun to be doing?

6. What is like to be cooped up in a monastery? How do you handle not being able to get up and go when you want to?

7. Why did you choose monastic life rather than a normal career?

8. Do you miss family life? Being married, children?

9. What is a normal day like for you in the monastery?

10. What was the biggest surprise for you in living in the monastery?